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Freelance photography

June 2018 - Present

I have worked freelance as a photographer, working with a wide variety of clients to produce high-level images. I have done work with models creating headshots and lifestyle images, to more commercial work featuring product photography and real estate. From time to time I have also produced graphic art for posters and newsletter banners.

Georgiana's Jewells

September 2023

This is some product photography I created for Georgiana, an Etsy jewellery seller. I kept the photography minimal and elegant, as requested by the client.

Eduard's Baptism

September 2023

For a lovely Romanian couple, I conducted the photography for their sons Orthodox Christian baptism. I used the natural lighting in combination with a bounced flashes to create images that had soft flattering lighting to fit with the innocence of the young baby. I edited the images to have a soft, warm, hazy look to complement the beautiful family event

Real Estate Photography

August 2023

From time to time, I do real estate photography for a company called Focal Agent. They send me the details of a house for sale nearby that requires images, most commonly, the job consists of taking 20 HDR images of a property and drawing up a floorplan. On occasion I also use a 360 camera to take images for a virtual Matterport house tour.

Spiderman Coventry

June 2023

Over the last 2 years, I have worked closely with Spiderman Coventry, A children's entertainer that specialises in delivering unforgettable experiences for children's birthday party while dressed as the beloved webslinger. To date I have done 3 shoots with him, for use on his social media accounts. Two of the three shoots, he was dressed as spiderman, and the more recent third shoot was of him dressed as Myles Morales. This was a night shoot that included dramatic lighting and graphics

Landscape photography Instagram page

July 2019 - Present

In my spare time, I run a landscape photograpy page on Instagram This hobby is where I honed my skills as a photographer, learning about composition, natural lighting, and editing. I do not post on there often anymore as I am predominantly focusing on client work and videography. Landscape photography however is still something I love to do in my spare time.